by My Private War

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released October 25, 2013

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Mike Dillon at The Loft.



all rights reserved


My Private War Middletown, Delaware


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Track Name: Clockwork
Eyes blind a weary heart
You hide behind everything that sets us apart
I'm screaming to an empty room
And all your views will come back to haunt you

Sit back and watch, repeat:
"That's all I'll ever be"
An open mind is needed to go far in anything.
Track Name: Divider
Fight fire with fire
Mine will always burn
Why can't you see?
Why can't you learn?
These bridges, they've crumbled
It's time to find foundation
Let go
It's time for me to let go

This train, it's going nowhere
Will I ever find my way?

I have been searching
For something greater
But every time you try to pull me down
I will break free
From all I used to know
You're not the man
You claim to be

Keep on telling yourself
That everything you do is for someone else
But take a look in the mirror
And tell me,
What kind of man do you see?
Who do you think you are?
You're not a man at all

This fire will burn
It will consume you
This fire will burn
It will consume us all
Track Name: Restraint
And as it seems to be
We've come to a turning point
A fork in the road
A battle that's left in stone
And I have come to take down the throne
With my name in lights
Yours will go unknown

Look me in the eyes
And realize that I learned to fly
On my own
And I will not lay down and die
Not this time

Keep trying
to form these barriers
Your words won't bind me
They'll cause your walls to collapse on themselves
Deal with your own hell
Instead of trying to drag down someone else

You've always believed
In everything but me

I'm fighting back
I'll no longer let you tell me what I lack
This mirror will show you that
All the hate you project reflects your empty head

I'm sick and I'm tired
Of everything you've said to me
It won't mean anything
Just listen and watch
fucking answer me
For one last, single time
What do you believe?

When you're buried you'll see
See the truth in me
What do you believe?
Your prayers mean nothing to me
What do you believe?
Track Name: Backbone
These boards
They've come undone
Retrace my steps
To find my way back
To square one
Just close your eyes,
And pray your feet don't fail you

With our defenses down
And nothing left but time
My bones eluding me,
I've given up this time again
What can save me now?
These years flying by
Leaving me on my knees
With no room to breathe

The air above crushing me down
Full with the voices of my past
Telling me "Don't look back,
It never lasts
Don't look back
It never lasts
Don't look back
You can't take this back"

And when we're gone
(Nothing, ashes)
I hope they find this
To explain anything I've missed
I miss this life I called my own
Blame me for anything done wrong
I just wish you were there when I came home
I may have chose this
But I can't do it alone

What can we do
To put this back in place
I won't forget my mistakes

And I'll continue to stand strong alone,
But without you, it won't be the same.
Track Name: Bane (ft. Donny Martin of Harbinger)
Torn up
Beaten and Broken
But only to the point where
My eyes are finally open
Let me down off these chains
One by one we break the links
That connect me to you

Thoughts racing
And blood rushing
But its all for nothing

We look back upon this day
And I notice you highlight my mistakes
But fail to mention your own
And we wonder what ever happened

And we come to the conclusion
It was a creation of yours
Shall I let myself be your little toy

No ones gonna steal my thunder

And we wonder what ever happened
And we come to the conclusion
It was a creation of yours
Shall I let myself be your little toy
Fix these broken bones
I can stand on my own
And my eyes are set to destroy

Playing into this game
Your cards make the hand
But with you, the cards have no meaning
It's all give and take
You only play for your sake
This is meant to be much more than this

If only you could see through eyes that made some fucking sense
Maybe you'd see not everything revolves around you
I won't allow myself to bow to you on my knees
So take this fucking heat, I hope it rips you something new

I won't be what you want from me
And now you'll see
This will come to an end for you
Without me
I hope you know
You'll always be alone

And although this place still lingers on
Each and every plan made for two
Still holds a missing piece
I never would have thought someone
I entrusted with every detail
Would leave me in such a blur
Track Name: Drifter
With your shoes worn down
And a constant rumble below
We can't slow down now
Because if we do
We'll only be trapped by the cold
And as everything crashes around us
Will it make a sound?

Cause I hear everything
With each tick growing louder
The clock comes unstrung

How could you just watch me walk away
Knowing you're sending your own blood spiraling?
Days turn to weeks
Wounds turn to scars
I wonder if you even thought of really how far they'll go
On their own.

Who would have known?
They'll show everyone
It doesn't matter where you call home.
All that matters is the time you took
to prove them wrong.
Because we know
they were empty all along.

And with this loss
I gain a strength
A better love for the scenery
And when I plant my feet
I know no one is trying
To keep a lock on me

We take it day by day,
and let them steal every breath,
But I won't ever let them know that I have
Nothing left
(I don't mind this constant stress
Because it keeps me distracted from
This overwhelming mess
And in the end
It'll be all worth it)

I've wandered these streets for far too long,
and maybe they were right,
I wont ever become what I long to be,
but just maybe,
I'll show this whole world
that they wont ever get rid of me.
Track Name: TPL
Just go ahead
Right down the path that you so surely led
But when this comes to a wrap
We'll see who winds up dead
This blood on my hands is not my own
And I refuse to let it spill anymore

Offer me this satisfaction
Give me this satisfaction
Knowing you're in better hands
With these white walls surrounding
Driving you mad

But it's a better feeling
Than any other you've ever had
It's on the tip of my tongue
But I'll rip these words out of my throat
Just to get you home

This dark, dark place has come
and the lights are burned out
We are powerless
As we walk on shells
With each and every step
We find ourselves sinking deeper
And deeper
'Til we're almost gone

Don't give up on me now

Even though the pieces are scattered around
We're still here
Scavenging the ground

And with this stone
we called our heart,
we shoot our goals high in the clouds
With an open mind
and an altered soul,
we've no need to make a sound
Track Name: Vultures (ft. Tyler Andre of Adaliah)
Every single breath you breathe
Holds a labored decry
You spread your tales across the world
With nothing but deceit
Fingers crossed, blade in hand
The veins in your eyes swelling fast
All your hard work counts to now
But who will be standing last?

How does it feel knowing all you stood for,
crumbled right before your demise.
Witnessing the falling of your creation
and all your terrible lies.

A burning building,
with a single casualty.
Stop your screaming;
No one's listening.

The time is wearing thin
Excuses made won't be forgiven
For all the bullshit that you've fabricated and told,
I'll make sure to give you one secret you're sure to hold.

No matter what you do,
I'll always to see through this mask,
I'll know you for who you always were,
A plague begging to become the past.
I will shoot you down.

When it's all said and done
They'll circle you from above,
waiting to tear at your flesh;
I'll rip your feathers out one by one.

It'll only be mercy breaking your neck.
Track Name: 143 (ft. Orion Moses of Sky Vs Sea)
Holding onto what I have left
A hummingbird who left the nest too quick
My color has faded
Taking the oxygen with it
The flames leave the room
When the souls make their exit

These pieces fall apart
An echo in these halls
A ringing in the dark
These lights have dimmed
Never to be replaced
I'm on my knees
Praying, wishing
You were here to help me find my place

Holding onto what I have left
A hummingbird who left the nest too quick
My color has faded
Taking the oxygen with it
The flames leave the room
When the souls make their exit

These mirror images
And all the presence left behind
You are my will to fight
And your light will always
Stay by my side

Maybe the stars will shine again one day
Maybe they'll shine again.
Track Name: Mountains of Man
Running in circles, all paths leading to the same place,
It all comes out equal in the end
Finding yourself face to face
With the reality of everyday life
Ten steps forward, while someone else takes ten steps back
When then world spins backwards
It's like repeating blows to glass

The doom within our nature
Nail it to your memory
We all exist indefinitely

We climb, and we climb
With but one vision
The heaven on earth we all wish we'd be given

Inside your head, beginning to bubble over
The thoughts of all life's wonders, and when will it all be over
Travel far enough, you meet yourself
We birth our future
Your choice is no help

This is eternal
Living life one name at a time
Smother them out
Smother them out to stop the screams

Your life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean
Yet what is any ocean but a multitude of drops?