Deep End

by My Private War

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Look around, please hear me
Find the sound
I'm drowning in my thoughts and I need you now
The thought alone...

A falling star, coming up on his way down
The only expression he can display
Is this dead stare for the showcase

My reassurance finally gives
No safe house, Where's my will to live?

There's an aching in my chest
A pain, I can't explain but I'll try my best
The words just won't connect
My tongue can't find them yet

I'll take the sympathy
And I will hope it brings
Some sort of spark to light this candle
That's given up on me (Blinding)

Despite my best efforts
I've failed myself
There's no chance to turn this around
I'm going off the rails

I was always hopeful
That I learned to make something
Of all the sacrifices
Everyone else made for me

I'm not as strong as I used to be
The only hope I had is breaking away
My lungs are closing in on me
It's hard to breathe
The thread is thin
The light is showing in

How'd I get so disconnected?
How'd I get so disconnected from all that's happening?

I can see your hand, extended
I'm trying so hard to get a grip
Of everything
But it just repeats again
This awful feeling
It feels like
I can't hold on anymore
My hands are growing weak
The fortress I've built from the ground up
Is shredding to pieces
I can't feel anything

(I can't feel anything) x2

All my life, there's been a voice
Deep inside, telling me
To never let go
But his story slowly turns
I can't take all your pain away, but
Take a chance and come with me, just
Take my hand we'll fade away.

I can't take all your pain away, but
Take a chance and come with me, I
Can't promise anything."

Should I give in?
Should I give in?

It's just a scar
But it could grow to be more
I'll use these hands, and pick myself up off the floor
I have so much to live for
I'll never give in
I'll never give in


released August 15, 2014
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Andrew Baylis Recording.



all rights reserved


My Private War Middletown, Delaware


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